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Hi Guyss ! Hope you're all doing great !!!
I am so happy that I finally got some time to write a blog for you guys.
 It was seriously 1am when I wrote this blog last night and now I'm finally publishing it !

Today , I want to tell you guys that some things do take away my heart ! Just like this dress ...? Because it's fun - bright - girly & quirky.
It's print is actually what attracted me to talk to the brand to take up a collaboration.
And , no doubt .. It was so much fun shooting in this outfit.

In the beginning , I had second thoughts on whether to do a smokey eye for a day look or no.?
But then , what is Fashion without risks?
And that's when I finalized the smokey eye look with this dress , and it actually added a little more  sense of ' drama ' to my look and that's exactly what I wanted.
Thanks to Mrs. Rashi Sehgal , she did a great job.

Next up - Tassel Earrings by Shopping Tweets.
It totally compliments my look and m…


OLAPLEX - not a trend , it's a Revolution !

So , I was invited by Tony and Guy, GK - 2 for an Olaplex Glam Pamper Party on the 24th of Oct' 16. and that's a before picture of how I looked like for the same -
Plaid Shirt - +Forever 21 Treggings - +M&S Shoes - +Sneakaboo
OLAPLEX is the hollywoods most sought after hair treatment. It is basically a ' Bond Multiplier ' -  When your hair goes through chemical treatments of any kind , the sulphur bonds in the hair split and turn into sulphur hydrogen which eats away the protein and it causes damage and dryness. However , if Olaplex formula is added to the treatment , it prevents splitting by linking the broken bonds in your hair. Thus , it seals the hair and increases the elasticity. It has been used on Kim Kardashian as well.

The steps one needs to follow for an OLAPLEX treatment are -
1 - Hair Wash & Condition so that the hair are fresh and have no dirt/sweat. 2 - The second step ha…


Located in Vasant Kunj C9 , New Delhi - Sawadhee Traditional Thai Spa is a Luxury Day Spa !
It is one of those amazingly constructed spa's in the city.
No wonder , awarded the country's best..
The Therapists here are well - trained and their services are offered with immense dedication.
They mostly belong to  , North East / Thailand.

The moment you enter , you get to take in the aroma of some of the most amazing fragrances like lavender , rose , honey , lemon , jasmine , coffee and what not.
These fragrances are also available in the form of oils , scrubs and shower gels.

That's me  , when I got ready for the Sawadhee Signature Spa -

It covers an area of 5,000 sq.ft , which makes it the largest stand alone spa in Delhi.
It houses 5 private rooms and 2 couple rooms.
Each room has its own steam & shower and each couple room has its own Jacuzzi too !

( this is what I experienced ! )
Oil Massage - Super relaxing and clam that I almost slept in the midd…


The place where there's not just fashion but food also !!!

This Cafe is located in Defence Colony,Delhi.
It has it's own spark and no wonder I am in love with it's concept i.e to sit over coffee and decide a perfect look for a specifc theme that too , according to one's body type.
It is one of the prettiest and the craziest destinations that I have ever come across.

Everything you see in the store is literally up for sale , be it handbags or the chair that you sit on for coffee or a wall hanging or funky pyjamas or heels and what not !!!!

The designers and the artists at the cafe decided to give me 2 looks from #headtotoe and they are shown below -

First Look : Indian + Fusion in this Pretty Green and White Combo with a Twisted - Fish Tail Braid.
Interesting , isn't it ?

Second Look : Romantic Feels in this Gorgeous Evening Red Gown with a Low - Side Bun.

... And not to miss their in house Patisserie which includes some awesome bits and sips.

I'm sure you guys …


Fashion is one thing that never fades & is a part of my everyday life and when the same was echoed by my friends at Pearl Academy, it got me involved too. Seeing the number of videos doing rounds on social media, discussing individualism and fashion, it prompted me to brood on my definition of what fashion stands for. I always believed  in playing with themes and colour because Fashion has always been limitless , all you need to do is experiment , bring about a change and stay confident. It helps one reach a definition that Fashion is not just ‘ dressing up in a fancy way ‘ but ‘ Fashion is a way of living ‘ & can be expressed in more than 1000 possible ways which are actually coherent to the whole world. I personally love to deal with patterns , textures and colours because these things add positivity to my style which boosts up my mood in minutes. What the myriad of definitions suggested by Pearlites made me realize is that it’s through the unique expression of how you carve …


Hello Everyone , So I am finally back with a Blog and I love blogging on a Sunday because that's the only day I am actually free to write one. hhehe
And this one here is from a recent Event that I attended with +H&M  as it finally launches it's new store in the heart of Delhi i.e Cannaught Place , B Block - Inner Circle.

This news got me happier as ever !!
H&M being one of my favourite brands , is now located in a closer location. I am surely going to have a great time shopping in here. The store feels like home and looks awesome with those bright lights and their awesome collection for this very season. ( P.S - you really need to go and step in there )
Well , let me tell you my experience of visiting the store at the launch - When I entered , I met some amazing people and blogger's around , who explained me how to go about. The whole store was open to us ( all the bloggers at the event ) and all of us had to create different looks using the H&M collection. I s…


Hola Lovelies! So today I am talking about a super fun collaboration that I had with the - Online fashion store for Women . The clothes that they offered to me are playful , cool and smart. The fact that they are comfortable and classy is an add-on. The moment I received these clothes I had an idea of the looks that I wanted to give to myself.
So here are the 2 basic / daily wear looks that I created -

1) PINK TONES - that actually symbolize feminism , purity & beauty.
Why I love this top from their collection is Firstly , because of the light colors which are well suited for Delhi Summers. Second , the detailed white lace work in the middle of the top that makes it even more girly.

2) SMART CASUALS - where an LBD never goes wrong ! The white stripes on the dress actually make my look very sleek and playful. I added a sling bag from +Anita Dongre to make a statement and it did come out really well.

 ( Pictures Shot By - +Kushagra Nirula ) ( Model - +vasudha dembla )