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Festivals demand a lot of time , energy , good health and most importantly , good looks and it's that time time of the year when I need to look my best. This summer has been really bad for me , I've got an unbearable tan and a skin that hardly glows anymore. This problem was getting onto me and so I started searching for products that not only make me fair but help my skin glow and shine at the same time and then I came across : This Product Named - VLCC Ayurveda ( skin brightening ) Facewash , made with the goodness of Haldi and Chandan. Advantages : - Helps brighten up the skin ( makes your skin glow ) - Helps one attain the natural look. - This facewash contains Ayurvedic herbs. - Removes blemishes and rejuvenates the skin. - It is made with Soap free formulation. - Paraben free certified and is recommended for all skin types. ~ The product can be purchased directly from this link -  ~ #ShareAGlow #VLCCPersonalCar


​ ​ ​ BESPOCUT A VIRTUAL STUDIO ​   TO REVOLUTIONISE   THE BESPOKE CLOTHING BUSINESS * The bespoke entrepreneurs’ best friend * Bringing a revolution in bespoke clothing to India, BESPOCUT is a techno-commercial  ​​ business enablement platform, that will change the way designers in India create bespoke clothing.  Aimed at freeing the art and craft of India’s designers and tailors, Bespocut is powered by a cloud based application, that integrates the designers front end with Bespocut’s back end and logistics in such a way that they get access to globally renowned fabrics, trims and accessories with Just In Time delivery. Now there is no reason a designer in India cannot give the same quality of bespoke that is available in Savile Row or Hong Kong. The fabrics, linings and trims are sourced directly from the best mills in Europe and the UK, with the respective certificate of authenticity for peace of mind of the bespoke entrepreneur and their