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~22 Things I learnt at the Age of 22~

Turning 22 has been a crazy journey and at this point of time when the Pandemic (COVID-19) has taken over the World, it's getting worse. I hope you guys are staying indoors and staying safe, and following healthy habits to be able to 'Save the Community' !

Well, here are 22 things that I believe in / facts about me :

Every Individual is Different.Do what makes you happy & have faith in yourself.Expectations kill a person.Dream Big !Pray to god, he listens.Nothing is impossible.A positive outlook will always result into a positive outcome.But you gotta work hard for it.What goes around, comes all the way back. (Karma)Love is a beautiful feeling.Mothers are always right.Fake it until you make it.I often judge people by the kind of clothes they wear.Coffeeeeee is the reason I wake up everyday!Pizza makes me happy.Expression of feelings is important.I am a very emotional person.Ignorance is bliss.I love the idea of permanent tattoos (I got three)I could never understand ma…