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Credit Cards  are rewarding. But , you can get the maximum out of it this Diwali only if you use it smartly. Diwali is the festival to shower love and affection to your loved ones with countless gifts. It is the time to check out your wish list and go on a shopping spree. While you may have some savings, a credit card with a decent balance to use is rewarding.  But, you can’t just get too carried away. Having too much debt and not paying it off on time will certainly knock the lights out of your credit score. Therefore, using credit cards smartly is necessary.  Here are useful guides to make sure your credit score remains as crackling as your Diwali celebrations. Check this website for details :   !! Don’t Get Trapped with Tempted Deals -  During the festive season, markets look prettier than usual with lots of attractive deals and killer discounts on practically everything. Don’t get trapped with these deals and offers . After all, excess of eve


Summer is easily my favourite time of the year, for dressing up. This year, I spent my Summer in London and tried to flaunt as much as colour and style, as possible.  With the influx of bright colours and pretty prints,  there is no surprise why I look forward to summer.  Brands and markets have a huge variety of elegant and stylish clothes to offer and I end up buying  them all.  FOR ME, SUMMER BASICALLY CALLS FOR :   1) A Hint of White  2) Bright Colours 3) Triple C - Comfortable, Casual & Classy Clothes 4) Prints (florals or stripes) 5) A lot of Accessories (bags, footwear , hats etc)  Here's my take on summer : Don't follow any trend blindly. Comfort over Fashion, always. Shop according to your age. Go for cool and crisp fabrics.   Go for bright and pastel colours. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin. Make your life & your outfit easy and breezy. Add acce


Many of us go through a lot of skin care issues which results in frustration , depression and a lot of stress.  I, at the age of 15 to 20 have faced a lot of acne problems myself. I hate stepping  out for events or parties with a stupid mark on my face.  Yes , it’s dam annoying and irritating and all you can do is be upset about it and wait for the pimple to go away.  But , We all need to understand that it ' happens to everyone and is common ' and definitely NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. FOLLOWING ARE SOME MYTHS THAT WE ALL NEED TO STOP BELIEVING IN , RIGHT NOW : Acne only affects teenagers - No , it can happen to anyone at any age or to any gender. Acne is contagious  - Not at all , for gods sake. Acne does not spread like bacterial infections , but don't go ahead and use the same face towel because that's never a  good idea when it comes to hygine. Acne and spots are different things - No , they are actually the same. Whether its a red bump , white head or a