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Hi Guyss ! Hope you're all doing great !!! I am so happy that I finally got some time to write a blog for you guys.  It was seriously 1am when I wrote this blog last night and now I'm finally publishing it ! Today , I want to tell you guys that some things do take away my heart ! Just like this dress ...? Because it's fun - bright - girly & quirky. It's print is actually what attracted me to talk to the brand to take up a collaboration. And , no doubt .. It was so much fun shooting in this outfit. HOW THE STYLING GOES - In the beginning , I had second thoughts on whether to do a smokey eye for a day look or no.? But then , what is Fashion without risks? And that's when I finalized the smokey eye look with this dress , and it actually added a little more  sense of ' drama ' to my look and that's exactly what I wanted. Thanks to Mrs. Rashi Sehgal , she did a great job. Next up - Tassel Earrings by Shopping Tweets. It totally