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IT'S A NEW SALON SERVICE OLAPLEX - not a trend , it's a Revolution ! So , I was invited by Tony and Guy, GK - 2 for an Olaplex Glam Pamper Party on the 24th of Oct' 16. and that's a before picture of how I looked like for the same - Plaid Shirt -  +Forever 21 Treggings -  +M&S Shoes -  +Sneakaboo OLAPLEX is the hollywoods most sought after hair treatment. It is basically a ' Bond Multiplier ' -  When your hair goes through chemical treatments of any kind , the sulphur bonds in the hair split and turn into sulphur hydrogen which eats away the protein and it causes damage and dryness. However , if Olaplex formula is added to the treatment , it prevents splitting by linking the broken bonds in your hair. Thus , it seals the hair and increases the elasticity. It has been used on Kim Kardashian as well. The steps one needs to follow for an OLAPLEX treatment are - 1 - Hair Wash & Condition so that the hair ar


Located in Vasant Kunj C9 , New Delhi - Sawadhee Traditional Thai Spa is a Luxury Day Spa ! I t is one of those amazingly constructed spa's in the city. No wonder , awarded the country's best.. The Therapists here are well - trained and their services are offered with immense dedication. They mostly belong to  , North East / Thailand. The moment you enter , you get to take in the aroma of some of the most amazing fragrances like lavender , rose , honey , lemon , jasmine , coffee and what not. These fragrances are also available in the form of oils , scrubs and shower gels. That's me  , when I got ready for the Sawadhee Signature Spa - It covers an area of 5,000 sq.ft , which makes it the largest stand alone spa in Delhi. It houses 5 private rooms and 2 couple rooms. Each room has its own steam & shower and each couple room has its own Jacuzzi too ! STEPS FOR THE SIGNATURE SPA - ( this is what I experienced ! ) Oil Massage - Super relaxing a