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So all of this happened on ONE random day , with ONE perfect dress ! I stepped out of home to stroll around in the streets of Delhi wearing a  Long Dress as long dresses give me a sense of comfort , fashion and style , no wonder I wore it with confidence. This one is from  Polago Clothing  (  ) and it has small geometric flowers printed on it. The colour combination of blue , black and white makes it look even better. It also has 2 small pockets in the front that gives this dress a smarter look. The best part of this dress is that it can be teamed up with flats , heels , white sneakers and what not? I wore it with a pair of black and golden flats to walk with ease and simplicity on the streets. Choose your pick and style it your way !!! < scroll down for more > I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKED THE WAY I LOOK.  STAY TUNED FOR MORE AND DO NOT FORGET TO SHOWER SOME LOVE ON MY BLOG! POLAGO x THEVOGUEAHOLIC Also , i