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Finally , after a month long examination period and the passing away Summer .. I got time for posting my winter trendy look for all of you. Okayyyy , So Winters are all about layers of clothes and that's exactly what my look shouts -
 Muffler - Lifestyle Stores , Delhi Coat - +New Look Dress- +Forever 21 Boots and Leggings - +Forever 21
The Colours of the Season : Marsala / Bordeaux i.e a mixture of purple and red much like wine , which is making me go craZy this winter.  This colour is associated with Burgundy ( a region inFrance ) and is now exclusively available in Boots , Bags , Leather Jackets and even Lipsticks..So what's your Marsala pick this winter ??

Photograhy by - +Kushagra Nirula  !!
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Afternoon loved ones , welcome to Sunday Blogging. Without wasting any time , let's get started.
   Bold vivid colours in intense smart patterns have already been a fashion go - to , this season use        them in ways that are universal but unpredictable. Also, if you are big on getting your royal look right , PURPLE / VIOLET is the colour for you. It's deep and classy. Be happy with this vintage colour and state along anything to make your look more     edgy and DO NOT forget to stay stylish.  Love ,
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Do I even need to describe this look ? Nahh , The Blue Velvet says it all !! A very Happy Diwali to all of you , have an amazing day with your loved ones , be safe and enjoy !! P.s - Not to miss out on the hairdo that could not be shot due to some reasons , but the open curls are set right , too !!!! Love You All.

` STAY INDIAN , STAY STYLISH `  - Thevogueaholic


One does not need to look any more cute with a +Forever 21 Dress along with a Tiara on a curly head. The tiara , also called ' diadems ' - that comes from the ancient people who denoted high status. It is used to descirbe almost every form of decorative head ornament. Hair accessories are all the more girly , so wear it - flaunt it.. .

          Finishing the look with colour block wedges from my one and only .              Accessory less , with the hair let down , I felt every bit of a diva that I am xx
                                                      ~ stay tuned for more ~                                                                       VASUDHA DEMBLA


So I happened to meet Ms. Madhura at the Style Cracker Borough Event at the +Indigo on the 30th Oct'15 , Saturday. This pretty woman welcomed me to the +Geetanjali Salon for a gorgeous hair do.

         I was told that they'd make a Messy - Curly Bun out of my hair ( yep, very excited !!! )
I was made all comfortable and I sat down for a couple of hours pondering what these hair experts                                                                  might do to my look ??


                                                            ~ Before and After ~

                      I could not stop adoring myself. ( xx ) , hence the mirror selfie , hahah !!

Many people complimented me , just when came in Mr. Sumit Israni , the owner and the creative                                        director of +Geetanjali Salon , the man of his own dreams :)

It was amazing! Also very special to be along the +Geetanjali Salon team for the styling session. I  was…


WELCOME BACK LOVES , WHATS BEEN UP LATELY ?? WONDERING WHATS THE NEW UPDATE HERE TODAY... . WELL LET ME JUSt turn off my caps lock coz' thats just used for my main headings and I simply  forgot to close it , haha !!
Coming back to the blog / to the write ups / to the pictures and what not? Everything so fashion - related and still doesn't excite you?
SO TODAY I HAVE FOR YOU ( well , a header again :p )
That time of the year that needs to go a little more Pink's fresh and cool and you obviously want to look smart and girly with all those feminine vibes surrounding you.. AND! to make it more winter-y , you can always add on scarfs , high necks and boots to your look.
Go easy & get ready to bring out the chick in you.
~ OUTFIT DETAILS ~ Top - +Van Huesan Jeggings- +ZARA Bag- Thailand Shoes- +Forever 21

~ B. R. B - Bring the Right Blue ~

This time I'm carrying a look that brings to you the positive vibes of the color Blue , yes the color for purity. Making a pure look impure by wearing a heavy neckpiece that makes a statement along with my printed bag , plazzo pants and a black top.

I just love fashion accessories , they brighten up a mundane look very easily. They can be added over any outfit to make it look attractive. They come in all shapes , colors and sizes ..  so girls are you ready to impure?

                                                           Get Set - Impure.


Greetings & Welcome to my blog again. Today I've got for you , a delayed blog ..since my birthday was packed with surprises I got no time to post ! ( apologies )
OK, so birthday's are special and when you realise that it is YOUR day , you cant miss out on being the most gorgeous looking person on the planet. Birthday's make you forget all your flaws and you just feel on top of the world let me share with you how I completed " my birthday look " -

The quirkiest way to refresh your birthday look is to wear a long - bright - off shoulder dress.( +Forever 21 - brings to you the must - have styles) They are summer-ish yet easy to wear. The comfort level in a one piece cannot be compared to any other thing, its free-flowing and stylish too!
I teamed it up with a multi colored statement necklace to make my look a little bold. I looked complete and that's how I got ready for my Birthday !!


The story that lies behind this blog is that First of all , I've been in love with this shade of green , it feels good to be stared at , in this bottle green maxi top ( wink )

         - DOUBLE - SLIT - MAXI - TOPS - ARE - SO - IN - TREND - THESE - DAYS -
                             They can be worn both , in a traditional and a modern way.                  ~ Traditional : wear it with plazzo pants , jhumka's or statement necklaces.                    ~ Modern : wear it with jeggings & team them up with bags and neck pieces.
             ( jeggings ( +ZARA )  + statement necklace + digital print bag ( +Baglicious )
So why don't you steal a style , too? Go ahead , Go green  #Happy #Tuesday #Thevogueaholic xo x


+MANGO dresses have always been one of my favourite attires , they are super fun and it's classy to wear them. This company was founded in Barcelona , Mango designs and textures make you love the brand. They are so stylish-ly created that they now have made a world wide position for all the fashion-lovers out there.
                                             MAKE A LOOK - ADORE A LOOK ( my outfit - detailed prints on the upper half and a dark blue lower half with a curvy cut teamed up  with a turquoise clutch from +Fiorelli  )