So I happened to meet Ms. Madhura at the Style Cracker Borough Event at the +Indigo on the 30th Oct'15 , Saturday. This pretty woman welcomed me to the +Geetanjali Salon for a gorgeous hair do.

         I was told that they'd make a Messy - Curly Bun out of my hair ( yep, very excited !!! )
I was made all comfortable and I sat down for a couple of hours pondering what these hair experts                                                                  might do to my look ??

                            ~ AND THEY ENDED UP WITH THIS ~

                                                            ~ Before and After ~

                      I could not stop adoring myself. ( xx ) , hence the mirror selfie , hahah !!

Many people complimented me , just when came in Mr. Sumit Israni , the owner and the creative                                        director of +Geetanjali Salon , the man of his own dreams :)

It was amazing! Also very special to be along the +Geetanjali Salon team for the styling session. I  was also given the +Kerastase hair products to use along with a +Kerastase coupon to get free hair styles done from any of the +Geetanjali Salons. Yes, it is the +Kerastase , beautifying oil cream. It gives your hair that silk veil sensation and just the appropriate amount of shine.
A SUNSCREEN FOR THE HAIR??   WHAT   >>  you've guessed it right people... It even protects your hair from the sun and keeps it silky as ever.

Must buy , available at nearby shops and +Geetanjali Salons , the list of outlets are mentioned below for you to head to the nearest one. So get ready to add some style.

                             ~ P.S - after opening the bun .. this is what my hair looked like ~
                                                                       ( loved it )

                                               ~ Suitable for all hair types ~
                                                             ( +Kerastase )


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