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Waking up to a nice hit of 100 views on the blog got me so excited already. I don't know why but I've started to love the concept blog life even more now. It's pretty crazy to decide - buy - shoot and then post it over every social media platform you know. And here it goes , again. hehh Well today I have something for you that is fresh and classy. This look has no specific reason behind it but it just becomes one of my favourites because I have been able to carry this look for parties and even on lunch day outs and so many other places. It was so comfortable to be in this dress by  +Forever 21  , all day and the @ONLY Cardigan kept me warm as well. Here are few pictures showcasing what exactly I wore - Noticed the AZTEC PRINTS on my dress ? ( crushing on these lately) xx


HOLA LOVELIES , READY FOR THIS ONE? The super characteristic of my blog today is the trending length of dresses. You possibly can-not be alive without one of these maxi's. My mother got this one from  +dressesuk monsoon  , London and I love it. The best part of such dresses is that they fit into any body type. Also , they make you look tall and slim and who doesn't want that? heh. So get ready to style yourself in Maxi Dresses to feel those princess walks at an evening party or even a sunday brunch. #getset #maxi #thevogueaholic