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The age of 21 , feels very uncertain to be precise.  Unexpected changes happen. People come and go. Complexity in life occurs and makes it difficult for a human to make life decisions or solve problems.  Life goes on like a roller coaster and the funny bit is that things keep happening on their own and they leave you baffled.  Personal Life - feels like a task... there's loneliness, and an oddly satisfying life. There are mixed emotions that are felt simultaneously, which often lead to depression, sadness or a behavioural change.  Mood swings are a very common problem.  They take a toll on you and your depression is more than doubled. Social life - comes with a challenge. One starts comparing themselves to others and it only makes you feel worse. Humans have grown to be very competitive in nature which is the cause of negativity that is spreading around all of us. People are selfish & take others for granted for their own success. One is not able to make out  wha