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1) FOR A GIRLY VIBE : I'm wearing tones of Pink & Blue and have shot this look in the Bright Light. I have wholeheartedly embraced my femininity without sacrificing my personality. According to me, being girly is a choice, but I 'personally' love it on me and would want you (all the girls) to try this look atleast once. I love how the Striped Pink & White dress makes it v easy for me to look pretty. You can carry this look for - Dates with your crush, Birthday Lunches or Day Outs with Fam.   2) FOR A BOLD VIBE : I'm wearing shades of  Red & Brown and have shot this look in a Dim Lit Place. Dark colours 'personally' make me feel confident and boost my energy at all times. It feels challenging. I love how the Red Floral Maxi matches my skin colour & allows me to look beautiful yet bold. You can carry this look for - Dinners, Informal Meetings or Evening Events. XOXO Styling / Modeling - Vasudha Dembla -  h