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Finally , after a month long examination period and the passing away Summer .. I got time for posting my winter trendy look for all of you. Okayyyy , So Winters are all about layers of clothes and that's exactly what my look shouts -  Muffler - Lifestyle Stores , Delhi Coat -  +New Look Dress-  +Forever 21 Boots and Leggings -  +Forever 21 The Colours of the Season : Marsala / Bordeaux i.e a mixture of purple and red much like wine , which is making me go craZy this winter.  This colour is associated with Burgundy ( a region inFrance ) and is now exclusively available in Boots , Bags , Leather Jackets and even Lipsticks..So what's your Marsala pick this winter ??                                 Photograhy by -  +Kushagra Nirula   !! #thevogueaholic #blog