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5 Reasons To Stack Handloom Sarees In The Wedding Trousseau Image - 1 This is the privilege and pride of every Indian stylish woman that the final product is available in a huge array of beautiful, bright coloured, and skin friendly features. The weave is pretty tight, and a closely knit one, which is thereafter complemented with bright, Indian motifs and designs. Now, these are the perfect pieces to flaunt among everyone and at every occasion. Image - 2 Handloom sarees take the pretty limelight of the stage when it comes to the people who understand the value of manual work, the spirit of craftsmanship and the beauty of ideation. Be it a new bride, college going girl, busy bee- homemaker or a casual tripper, this type of sarees always brightens up the closet of every fashionista in every possible way. Nowadays, people are paying value to these incredible Indian traditional drapes and works and include them in their wedding trousseau as  bridal sarees .