5 Reasons To Stack Handloom Sarees In The Wedding Trousseau

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This is the privilege and pride of every Indian stylish woman that the final product is available in a huge array of beautiful, bright coloured, and skin friendly features. The weave is pretty tight, and a closely knit one, which is thereafter complemented with bright, Indian motifs and designs. Now, these are the perfect pieces to flaunt among everyone and at every occasion.

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Handloom sarees take the pretty limelight of the stage when it comes to the people who understand the value of manual work, the spirit of craftsmanship and the beauty of ideation. Be it a new bride, college going girl, busy bee- homemaker or a casual tripper, this type of sarees always brightens up the closet of every fashionista in every possible way.
Nowadays, people are paying value to these incredible Indian traditional drapes and works and include them in their wedding trousseau as bridal sarees. Do you know why?
Well, here are the five important reasons, why do fashion enthusiasts just love these manually worked drapes:
•    Care For Your Skin
They truly care for you and add oozes fresh breath deep inside your skin. Some of the famous fabrics to craft handloom sarees are – Bomkai, Magalagiri, Paithani Brocade, Tussar Silk, Pochampally ikat, Maheshwari handloom. Each and every handloom work has its essence of the region, where it is manufactured and ideated.
•    Focus On Blouse

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Yes, this is the most important thing that every fashionista relishes about. The handloom drapes come in amazing hues of every colour. Just dream it and they will have it!
The amalgamation of these colours brings out the beauty of the saree more and more. So, don’t miss the chance and buy now each and every magic spell in the form of hand-work sarees.
•    Perfect To Flaunt

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The best things of these sarees are their simplicity and incomparable quality. You can easily pitch up to their beauty by dragging a beautiful embroidered or brocade or zari work blouses. These blouses will surely bring down a lot of applauds and never feel you down even when you are in your blue-est moods!
Make sure, if the saree is a designer and showcasing a lot of sparkles then pick out a handloom blouse and if your saree is utter plain, choose a designer blouse.
•    Saree With Border Work
These sarees come with amazing border works which easily pitches up the glare of the drape. The patterns of borders come with variations and one can see amazing types of borders in handloom sarees. This is what they are famous for!
Try this type of sarees with catchy oxidised earrings or tribal jewellery set.
•    Colour To Glow

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PAROMITA SENGUPTA for www.thevogueaholic.com


  1. Handloom sarees are the first choice of Indian women when it comes to elegance and grace. Thanks for showing variety of sarees

  2. I can't take off my eye from the image 4. The color looks awesome and elegant. Keep sharing this kind of stuffs. Thanks.

  3. Here,Nice collection of wedding
    party wear sarees in this blog which is wearing in functions,parties etc.Thanks for share it.

  4. Very well written. I personally prefer to wear handloom sarees in hot summer because they are super light weight and comfort level is top notch.


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