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Many of us go through a lot of skin care issues which results in frustration , depression and a lot of stress.  I, at the age of 15 to 20 have faced a lot of acne problems myself. I hate stepping  out for events or parties with a stupid mark on my face.  Yes , it’s dam annoying and irritating and all you can do is be upset about it and wait for the pimple to go away.  But , We all need to understand that it ' happens to everyone and is common ' and definitely NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. FOLLOWING ARE SOME MYTHS THAT WE ALL NEED TO STOP BELIEVING IN , RIGHT NOW : Acne only affects teenagers - No , it can happen to anyone at any age or to any gender. Acne is contagious  - Not at all , for gods sake. Acne does not spread like bacterial infections , but don't go ahead and use the same face towel because that's never a  good idea when it comes to hygine. Acne and spots are different things - No , they are actually the same. Whether its a red bump , white head or a