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For some people , the season of love is just the month of February.. but for me , the feeling of love for others flows every minute , every day and every month. No wonder I created a look to be " Date Ready " even for the month of July / August ! Also because this is a matter of concern since most of the girls out there cannot really decide how to and what to wear to a Date and to be able to flatter a Boy , they have a huge crush on. So have a look and try to follow ! WHAT MY LOOK SHOUTS : Hair - Simple and Straight / Let down Hair Makeup - Mostly nude & light since he likes a no makeup face & finds you beautiful anyways. Also , a pop of Pink Lips never hurt. Dress - An Off Shoulder definitely works for a date ( easy to show off them' collar bones , yay ) I picked up this dress from  +Debenhams  , UK and I totally love the floral combination of blue and yellow , let me know if you like it too? Heels - A


New Delhi,30th June 2017 -  This summer, Asian Paints, India’s leading Paint Company, is kicking off from the humdrum and venturing into the unknown. Asian Paints introduces the ‘Signature Look’ a décor look carefully curated by Asian Paints’ décor consultants to bring your love for travel into your home and heart. The “Signature Décor Solutions service makes it easy for homemakers to paint their memories and stories onto their walls. It allows homemakers to co-create intricately designed, personalized spaces where every décor accessory, furnishing and detail accentuates the mood of the room, using the walls as the perfect canvas to bring travel experiences to life! One can even choose from the many pre-designed artworks on offer. Customers can also paint their bucket lists on their walls and get customized décor recommendations from their Signature décor consultants. The latest trend in home décor is here – ‘Signature Look’. The launch, themed “The World Homeward” takes you on a j