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~ Royalty - In - A - Hopeless - Place ~ If there is one thing all of us can relate to this month , apart from craving for Coffee and Cake is that there are more than 90% of Girls who actually dream ' big '. ROYALTY is something to do with class , status and ranking , so make sure you attain the heights that you always dreamt of. I believe every person deserves to explore , express and break the monotony of their lives. All I want to say is that one should stay positive and strong even if ups & downs come by , because they are a part of life and that ,  " Things will someday , definitely fall in place "  WHAT MY LOOK SHOUTS -  I love the design of my Gown by  +dressesuk monsoon  !  It's royal , princessy & gives me the classic ethereal look imagined by every ordinary girl. Outfit - Power Dressing & this Bottle Blue colour just adds to it. Hair - Hard Curls , because it creates a statement in contrast to my straight - li


// RUFFLES - BREAKING THE MONOTONY  //  LET'S DITCH THE TYPICAL RED THIS VALENTINE'S AND WEAR - ON A LITTLE BIT OF NUDE AND MARSALA Can they ever go wrong ? I love how team  +RENT IT BAE  helped me team up this look for my special day. Have a look -  Also , did you notice my Block Clutch ? The Black and White combination of it , totally rocks my look and makes me good - to - go. .. And some Balloons , because why not ? It's celebration time !!!!!!!!!!! Face / Blogger - +vasudha dembla Attire Courtesy -  +RENT IT BAE Location - Janakpuri , New Delhi , India Photographer - Shivam Vashisht ( Insta - @ shivamphotoworks )  #DelhiBlogger #VasudhaDembla #TheVogueaholic