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The Science of Beauty has a sparkling new address (  ) AAYNA - launches its new clinic at Khan Market New Delhi, 31 st  October 2017 : AAYNA Clinic, India’s leading aesthetic wellness Clinic , today launched its second state of the art center at Khan Market, the heart of our capital city. The new Clinic carries forward the legacy of AAYNA offering safe and effective procedures in the fields of Cosmetic dermatology, Anti-ageing, Weight management, Semi-permanent makeup, Hair restoration and Medical pedicures. Some of the most popular and unique treatments available at AAYNA are Semi permanent make up, Margaret Dabbs Pedicures and Manicures and Dermal Fillers. Dermal fillers which is an Anti ageing treatment widely used but rarely done with so much precision that results look 100% natural.Dr.SimalSoin is well recognized for her work in the Anti ageing field and is one of the leading injectors in the country. The name AAYNA means -- “Reflection”, and it