Greetings & Welcome to my blog again. Today I've got for you , a delayed blog ..since my birthday was packed with surprises I got no time to post ! ( apologies )

OK, so birthday's are special and when you realise that it is YOUR day , you cant miss out on being the most gorgeous looking person on the planet. Birthday's make you forget all your flaws and you just feel on top of the world ..so let me share with you how I completed " my birthday look " -

The quirkiest way to refresh your birthday look is to wear a long - bright - off shoulder dress.( +Forever 21 - brings to you the must - have styles) They are summer-ish yet easy to wear. The comfort level in a one piece cannot be compared to any other thing, its free-flowing and stylish too!

I teamed it up with a multi colored statement necklace to make my look a little bold. I looked complete and that's how I got ready for my Birthday !!


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