Fashion is one thing that never fades & is a part of my everyday life and when the same was echoed by my friends at Pearl Academy, it got me involved too. Seeing the number of videos doing rounds on social media, discussing individualism and fashion, it prompted me to brood on my definition of what fashion stands for.
I always believed  in playing with themes and colour because Fashion has always been limitless , all you need to do is experiment , bring about a change and stay confident. It helps one reach a definition that Fashion is not just ‘ dressing up in a fancy way ‘ but ‘ Fashion is a way of living ‘ & can be expressed in more than 1000 possible ways which are actually coherent to the whole world.
I personally love to deal with patterns , textures and colours because these things add positivity to my style which boosts up my mood in minutes. What the myriad of definitions suggested by Pearlites made me realize is that it’s through the unique expression of how you carve a niche,define individualism that adds value to the work you present.There’s no fixed formula to success and experimentation,risk taking ability takes the game forward.

I discovered that the innumerable courses at Pearl Academy helps  budding designers explore their area of interest and get a specialised training in it which is remarkable from a student perspective.

With rigorous internships,industry discussions and projects the students get a sneak peak into the life that awaits beyond the walls of the college.The portfolio submission and assessments gives an opportunity to budding designers to showcase their creativity and talent.
Besides courses in design, Pearl Academy also offers journalism courses in areas ranging from print to new media and hold workshops to train students into formal writing and curating content.Not just this,students can opt for a course in interior design and  do a plethora of activities!

Pearl Academy tries to make its students realize that every career path needs focus,passion and hard work. The courses and the faculty that they offer is just on point. The kind of teachings and knowledge that they share is explicit and takes a person’s perspective to a whole new level. So stay proud and shout out  #Iampearl


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