29th June - will always call for a celebration !!!
( stay tuned for a giveaway soon )

Annnndd to start with I want to apologize to each one of you because I was so busy in other tasks that I could not even post this blog on the day that it should have been posted on.
So here is a little something that talks about my celebration on completing a year of blogging and doing something that I am best at.

Celebrations are full of fun , memories , food , drinks , glamour and basically having a gala time.

No wonder I specially chose this shimmer gown from +Candidly Couture  because it actually symbolizes the jingle ' rise and shine with a little wine ' but oh baby , I got Champagne, hahah
This day was full of wishes and I loved how everyone of you managed to reach out to me and send in your lovely wishes, sorry for the late responses though, I might have been busy shopping or cutting cakes but you guys are life :')

Well , moving on.
This blog has nothing to with fashion as such , but all you guys need to know is that I want to Thankyou all from the very bottom of my heart for the constant support to help make www.thevogueaholic.com a success. Had you guys not been there as my social family , I would not have been able to do as much as I have done uptil now.
So following are a few pictures from a shoot that I recently did keeping in mind the theme of my 'First Blog Anniversary" and I am so happy to have each one of you.
(always stay connected)

Picture Credits - +Kushagra Nirula !


  1. Oh my goodness! How brilliantly you had celebrated your first blog-anniversary. Your dress is looking fabulous. I also celebrated food party at the popular venue Houston TX on completing 1st blog anniversary. It was a small family party but we had a wonderful time altogether.


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